Whitney RevellMaid of Honor
Whitney Revell is a recent graduate from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University. Eight years of schooling finally paid off! Whit and I were best friends from Day 1 in West Hall at Kansas State our Freshmen year. We met because I was sitting alone in my room and wanted to meet other people. I thought a good way to meet people was to borrow something, so I went across the hall and asked to borrow her stapler. I didn’t actually have anything to staple, but I thought it was random enough to be possible. When I returned it, I stayed and talked a while, and we became instant friends! She is soon to be married to Alex this coming September!

Kim Hall
Kim Hall graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in FSHS. She is currently working at a preschool in Manhattan, Kansas. She married Preston Hall last year, and they are expecting a little cowBOY in September! Kim and I met throughout college, but became friends my last semester. She is the youth pastor at Vineyard Community Church in Manhattan, Kansas, and is basically responsible for putting Ryan and I together. She planned the ridiculous youth group games that sent Ryan and I on a wild goose chase early in October, 2008, and we’ve been together ever since!

Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams is a Graduate Student at University of Houston. She is wrapping up her degree in Counseling, and will be starting her internship soon. Lauren and I met at Ecclesia Church in downtown Houston. She and I had an instant connection. We were both in an organization called Creative World Justice with some of our other friends. Lauren and I share a passion for seeing social justice become a reality in our world, and that sparked an eternal friendship!

Ruthie Nickell
Ruthie Nickell is Ryan’s sister. Soon after Ryan and I started dating, Ruthie left for Cambodia and spent the next 3 years fighting human trafficking, starting an elementary school, and connecting with the Khmer people. She has recently returned to Kansas City to seek God and his plan for the future.


Kyle Van KirkBest Man
Kyle Van Kirk and I have been close friends since the first church camp we attended in middle school. I thought he was a little weird at first, but through the years we have become best of friends and have been central figures in each others lives. Kyle currently lives and works in Kansas City where he is involved with his church and community in downtown.

Jacob Willis
Jacob and I have known each other for about as long as the Kyle’s. We have always been know as twins with both of us sharing shoe size, clothes size, height, weight, and even the same flat feet. Spending the majority of our K-State careers as roommates has only increased our closeness and twin like appearance. Jacob is currently getting his masters in Corporate Finance at UMKC.

Kyle Dolan
Kyle Dolan
Kyle Dolan also grew up in the same church and me, Jacob, and Kyle Van Kirk. We were all part of a tight group of guys that were always hanging out together. Kyle Dolan has always been known as the “chill” one, mainly for his heavy use of the phrase “let’s just chill” and his strong attraction to dimly lit rooms and nap time. We both studied Graphic design together at K-State and spent our last semester as roommates who spent more time in studio than at home. Kyle currently live with Kyle Van Kirk in Kansas City and is probably taking a nap at this very moment.


Matt Jackson
Matt is Amy’s brother and honestly, the member of Amy’s family I was most nervous to meet. Matt has spent the last two years in Ghana Africa with the Peace Corps, he has trekked across Peru helping map trails to ancient Mayan ruins, he’s scaled countless rock faces and mountain peaks, and has experienced more adventure than most of us can imagine. Needless to say, he’s the real deal. Matt is currently working to do some more awesome stuff that I can’t tell you about. And yes, he is single.