We have been so blessed by our community through this entire journey. We couldn’t have done it without your generous support and words of encouragement. Now that we’re near the end of this journey, our needs have lessened, but we still appreciate hearing from all of you! Having a loving and supporting community has been one of the biggest blessings through all of this. The emotional support of our friends and family has been incredibly motivating. Sending a simple text or an encouraging email to let us know you’re thinking of us means a whole lot.

Meals and food

The biggest need during recovery will be with meals. Ryan is working from home and we will have our parents around so it is a little easier to handle mealtime this go around, but of course a meal delivery that we don’t have to plan is very much welcome! Since we are still living in a pandemic world, we are asking for things like gift cards, meal delivery services, grocery pick-ups/deliveries, etc. over a traditional meal train. Our go-to grocery stores are Kroger, Whole Foods, and Central Market. And our preferred food delivery services are Uber Eats and Grub Hub.