Having a loving and supporting community has been one of the biggest blessings through all of this. The emotional support of our friends and family has been incredibly motivating. Sending a simple text or an encouraging email to let us know you’re thinking of us means a whole lot.

Meals and food

A big need right now is with meals. Keeping a family of four running plus relatives and friends visiting can be challenging. It’s tough to have home cooked meals ready every night, let alone have time to grocery shop. Some really practical ways to help are with gift cards, meal delivery services, or signing up to bring us a meal.

Sara Barnes and Carrie Norwood are helping manage the meal train sign up. Please contact either directly to sign up, or fill out this form and they will get back to you with details.

How would you like to help?
Bringing a home cooked mealSending a meal through deliveryGift cardsAnything they needOther (provide your ideas below)

Provide financial support

For those that would like to contribute financially or for those who are not local but still want to help, we do have some costs that are beyond what we were anticipating for the next 12 months. Ryan’s sister, Ruthie, has set up a GoFundMe to collect funds and help with the extra financial burden.

We truly do appreciate all the support from our friends and family. Thank you for standing with us in this time.