Suddenly, everything has changed.

Before we dive in, we want to explain what we’re going to share and why. Our main goal here is to share key information on Amy’s journey and fight with breast cancer. This isn’t necessarily a blog to get our thoughts and emotions out. It’s meant to be informative (and if some emotions slip in y’all can just deal with it). Bottom line: There are so many amazing people in our lives who want to know what’s going on and offer support, so we decided to repurpose our wedding website for our next big chapter. We will be sharing news from the doctors, news on how Amy is doing and feeling, and any support we need from our awesome community.

Where do we even begin? We’re just starting to come out of this surreal feeling that this isn’t our story. It can’t be. We don’t have room for this in our story. But no matter the disbelief or denial, the reality is still there. The news that hit us harder than a fat kid belly flopping from the high dive. Amy has breast cancer.

It all started simply enough.

Amy nursed both our daughters from day 1 at the hospital. But with our second kid, Amelia Jo, she was noticing more clogged ducts almost right off the bat. Not a big deal. She would feel a hard lump for a couple days, she would try a couple techniques at home to relieve it, and the lump would go away.

Somewhere around late May she noticed another one of these lumps. She spent a few days trying the usual techniques. Nothing. She talked to some friends and searched online and tried some different things. Nothing. After more than week of no change she decided to call her doctor.

Amy’s doctor was just as confident as us that this was nothing to be concerned about. She examined Amy and agreed, a blocked duct makes total sense. But just to be sure, she scheduled a mammogram to get a closer look.

The Mammogram and Biopsy

Going in for the mammogram, Amy was still expecting them to say it was just a clogged duct. We even joked that maybe all of the pressing and pushing will just cause the clog to release.

Everything after her scan moved so quickly she couldn’t properly process the news. The Radiologist walked into the room where Amy was waiting and quickly sat down. He rattled off that the image is unclear and a biopsy is required in addition to a bunch of other warnings and medical jargon. Amy was in such shock, she just sat there in disbelief. What now? What are we supposed to do now?

The biopsy was uneventful, but terrifying all the same. The days leading up to it were the worst part. It felt like the ultimate pass/fail test. Once it was over, there was nothing left to do but wait. And wait we did. The procedure was on a Friday, and Amy found out the news the following Thursday. It was breast cancer.

So what next?

We will keep you updated as the information and details begin to roll in. Please feel free to reach out at any time; we love getting calls, texts, and notes. And we remember, when all else feels hopeless, there is hope in the Lord.

Amy & Ryan

We've been married seven years and live in Dallas, TX. Our two sweet kids keep us busy all the time. Our oldest is four-years-old, wants to know everything, and does not stop talking. Our youngest is 8-months old, wants to chew on everything, and does not stop yelling.

  1. Amy and Ryan, we are so sorry to hear this news. Please know we are praying for you guys as you go through the treatments. If you need ANYTHING, please let us know. We’re moving to Corsicana in a few weeks, but will be in Dallas at least one day most weeks. Love you and your sweet family.

  2. So sorry you are going through this! We will be following your updates and praying for you. We are glad to help with whatever you need, so please do not hesitate to ask.

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