Weeks 4 & 5


Last week (Aug 5) was my first infusion. It was definitely an odd experience. The infusion room is more like an airport, with rows and rows of people. Baylor is fantastic, and made it a very smooth process. We were brought in before anyone else to get a tour, get all set up, and were able to wait in the space instead of the waiting room.

Also, I learned if you ask hundreds of people to text, email, and message you, they will TOTALLY COME THROUGH! Sitting in the infusion chair, I was felling pretty anxious, sad, and nervous about what was coming up. But I couldn’t concentrate on anything but my phone buzzing, nonstop. Scrolling through all the funny, encouraging, and amazing messages helped me get through the next 3 hours. So, thank you 🙂

The rest of the week I waited for the horrific side effects I was so anxious about, but they never came! I had a mild week of side effects, which is such an answer to prayer. My next infusion is this coming Monday, Aug. 19.

The Haircut

Yesterday, I took the plunge. I CUT MY HAIR. This is no normal haircut for me, this is short short short. I was blessed to have 6 girls meet me there, and we had a sort of hair party. The salon really laid out the red carpet for us. They gave us space for chairs in a corner area, set out snacks and drinks for us, and best of all, they comped my haircut! Pictures to come!

  1. Amy, it is so great that you have such a strong support group of friends and family that are with you at every step. Blessings come your way in prayers and praises.

  2. Soldiers in this battle look just like young mamas, old grandmas, praying husbands and daddies…everyone of these who love you and love God in His majesty and grace. Good going, sweet Amy. You and Ryan are in my prayers??❤️❤️

  3. Wow, Amy, with your great attitude you are going to rock this thing! So many people
    are praying for you. I know you feel that each and every day.
    Our family is praying for you!
    Sending love and hugs your way!

  4. We love you guys. Thanks for sharing the journey with us and may we all find a way to share in this with you! Whether we cut our own hair, go wait in an airport pre-boarding area, or keep the texts coming — we are here for you Nickell’s!

  5. We love you Amy and pray for you and your family most every day. It sounds like you have a wonderful team of friends and a great medical staff to support you through this.

  6. Amy you amaze me. But why should I think that, as you have always been a strong -let’s get this done- type of girl!
    I love your strong spirit, although you may think that you don’t, but it shines through your words and how you are confronting this ugly thing head one.
    Love you with all my heart and am so anxious to see that new hair style!

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