Four More Treatments!

It is both moving quickly and crawling along. The hours and long and the weeks are short. Or the weeks are long and the hours are short. Hard to tell. 🙂 I originally had 16 treatments in 20 weeks. I now have 4 more treatments to go! I am definitely feeling the grind of the weekly schedule. Mondays and Tuesdays are major fatigue days. Wednesdays and Thursdays, I begin to pull out of it. By Friday and the weekend I’m feeling more energized. Just to come crashing back down each Monday.

As usual throughout this whole process, we are continually blown away by the caring, loving, and giving people around us. Four of Ryan’s life-long buddies from Kansas drove down over the weekend. They spend their entire time working around the house for us! They did ALL of the yard work, including mulch. They power washed the front and back patios, and the chimney. They even hung our Christmas lights for us! It was wonderful to have them here. Ryan and I are so grateful and felt so loved.

I know that while chemotherapy is soon coming to a close, (good riddens!) it will only open the door to a long and sometimes painful 2020 full of surgery and radiation and more surgery. But I am grateful that this first chapter is closing, and praying that I am 100% cancer free at my next scan (I’m not sure when that is going to be). Thank you for your continued prayers, texts, emails, phone calls, and cards. They mean the world to us!

  1. Amy thanks for the update!
    You have definitely been blessed with family and friends!
    You’ve almost conquered this first part of the race and I am truly in awe of how you’ve gone down this path.
    Stay strong!
    Love you?

  2. Dear Amy, it’s always good to hear from you! Not a day goes by without me thinking of you and praying for you. What a blessing that Ryan’s four friends could come and support you in such helpful ways! I know it especially warmed Ryan’s heart to have his wonderful friends there helping. Thank you for sending an update and including a great picture!
    Sending love & prayers,

  3. Amy,

    Keep it up ! I can’t imagine how tough or exhausting this is. It kind of sounds like a tri-athalon, and you can see the end of the first leg of the race. When you started, getting to this point was inconceivable yet you are closing in.

    I hope you are encouraged by the support, love and prayers that you receive. Please take a minute to share some of the little or big things that come come your way.

    I know the race is yours, though you are never alone.


  4. Hi, Amy –

    I’m so happy you’re getting toward the end of this first leg of your journey! May time speed up in all the most appropriate ways and slow down in all the BEST ways! Larry and I are praying for you guys and are delighted to hear about Jacob, Timmy, Johnny, and Kyle coming down to help and encourage you guys!

    Hang in! God bless you with grace, peace, healing, and health!

    <3 Kate and Larry Woulfe

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