It’s Been…One Year!

Hello everybody! It’s been over a year since we last spoke. And a long year it has been! I HAVE OFFICIALLY BEEN CANCER FREE FOR ONE YEAR!!

To recap, I was diagnosed with stage 3c Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in July of 2019. I completed chemo in Dec. 2019, double mastectomy was in January 2020 with a COMPLETE RESPONSE to treatment! Radiation closely followed that. We are ready for the final step in my treatment plan, a year and a half later; Reconstruction.

I will have my reconstruction surgery on March 8. For those of you who like to Google stuff, I’m having a DIEP Flap Reconstruction. It will be a pretty extensive surgery with a long recovery time. However, we selected this surgery over implants so I can move on with my life and not have to deal with future surgeries that typically come with implants.

This surgery will require a 6-8 week recovery period. I’ll be off work for around 6 weeks. I won’t be allowed to lift over a gallon of milk, and I’ll have these crazy drains coming out of me like a cyborg. It’ll take a while to get back to normal activity, whatever “normal activity” looks like now. My awesome parents are going to be in town for a while helping us the days after surgery. Ryan’s awesome parents are taking the girls to Kansas so we can have a calm house and they don’t have to see all the crazy post-surgery stuff.

This surgery feels like the one we’ve been waiting and hoping for. It feels like this cancer door is finally closing. And I’m going to bolt that door shut!

You all have been my safety net these past years. I love you all so much and I’m grateful for your texts, letters, gifts, and prayers. You’re love and kindness got us through it all and we love each one of you!

  1. Oh Amy, I am so happy for you & Ryan and the girls!!! You have had a tough road & I am so happy you are coming to the end of it! You always have a smile on your face —- you will be in all my prayers.

  2. Dear Amy, just one more big hurdle to jump! I’m so happy for you, Ryan, and your precious girls! Surgery is never easy, and this one sounds very involved. You will have the best of care from your medical team, Ryan, your awesome parents, and Ryan’s awesome parents! Each day you will know you are on the road to recovery with a restored body. I like how you said you are bolting the door to cancer shut! That is exactly right! You are an amazing person, Amy! I love you, and will be holding you close in my prayers.

  3. Sandra RhameThompson

    ??“To God be the glory, great things He hath done!”?? I am celebrating with you and your precious family. I have been where you are and with my young husband and with my 5 yo son. His ways are beyond knowing why some are healed and some are not. He is always good. No doubt that your positive attitude and deep abiding faith will serve you well during this next and last hurdle. Love you and yours sweet girl.

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