Show us your Happy Dance!

Let’s get right down to it. It’s been one week since Amy’s surgery and we just got official word on her pathology report from the double mastectomy. Amy’s treatment produced a 100% complete response! That means the chemo worked, surgery was successful and there is absolutely NO sign of cancer!

100 percent complete response.
100% Complete Response = No Cancer

Amy is ecstatic, I’m ecstatic, EVERYONE is ecstatic. We are so relieved and grateful to receive this news. Let’s take a moment to celebrate with some happy dances!

Aside from that wonderful tidbit of information, Amy is doing swimmingly with her recovery. She’s been so strong through all this, we wouldn’t expect much else from her. There is still pain, but every day she’s getting stronger and has more energy. There are still several weeks ahead of her before she can have full range, mobility, and strength back but she’s on the right path.

Getting prepped for surgery

Thank you all again for the continued prayers and support. Radiation is still on the horizon, but we are another step closer to getting through this and are feeling very good about what’s coming down the road.

  1. This is The Best News, Ryan! Eddie and I started our happy dance last night as soon as David texted the good news! Eddie shared it with our kids, and they are also thrilled with Amy’s 100% Complete Response! Prayers of thanks, and prayers for Amy, you, and family as you battle on.

  2. This is The Best News, Ryan! Eddie and I began our happy dance as soon as David texted us last night. Eddie shared this good news with our kids, and they are also thrilled! Prayers of gratitude, as well as prayers for courage continue!

  3. Congratulations! That is such great news … the absolute best news you could receive! It’s been a journey, but now you can breathe a sigh of relief. Way to go Amy for being such a trooper… and to Ryan for being your rock! Hope 2020 treats you all well in recovery and beyond!

  4. Happy dance happy dance! It has been a journey for you and your family and we have continued to pray and think of you guys! We are so excited to hear the great news! We love you guys!

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