Tomorrow is the Big One

Actually, tomorrow is another huge step in the long journey of battling breast cancer. But that just doesn’t make for a catchy headline, does it?

Early on January 14 Amy and I will head to the hospital and she will undergo a double mastectomy to remove any remaining traces of cancer cells and to preemptively remove any tissue that could possibly host more cancer in the future. Amy’s recovery will take several weeks, and we have family and friends around to help for much of that, but we have opened the Meal Train back up to help with weekly meals. Amy won’t be able to do much during recovery except sit and rest, so we truly appreciate those that have signed up to help with meals.

The big ask

The big thing we are praying for is that as the doctors remove tissue tomorrow, they find NO traces of cancer. We are praying that all tissue in Amy’s body be completely free and clear of cancer cells. Will you join us in that prayer as we head into this next chapter?

The surgery takes about half a day and Amy likely won’t be in a recovery room until late afternoon, but we will do our best to send updates once she’s settled post op.

Thank you all for standing with us. We couldn’t get through this without the love and support of each one of you.

Amy and Ryan

  1. Dear Ryan, absolutely Eddie and I are praying for Amy to be free of all cancer cells. Our children join us in this prayer for Amy. We also pray for you, Ryan. You are such a supportive husband to Amy, and a wonderful father to your two girls.
    We will be anxiously awaiting your update after Amy is safely through her surgery.

  2. Continuing to pray for you both! And I will join you in praying tomorrow and asking the Lord to allow no trace of cancer cells to be found during the surgery tomorrow. Much love from the Cooks!
    -Sarah and Nick

  3. I just read this tonight! We will certainly all be praying in Tennessee! I know the Great Physician has her in His hands, and Amy is a warior! Thank you for letting us know. Love and hugs!

  4. Praying for you right now as you face this surgery, asking God for all your concerns. What a difficult journey this must be for you! May it add to your testimony of what God can do!!

  5. Sandy Rhame Thompson

    Thanking our Faithful Father for His tender love and care He is heaping upon your family. We love you so much and know that God will receive all the Glory throughout this trial. Love to all of you. ❤️?

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